Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-16-2012

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Capt Mike Pittman and I have been running a few trips the last week. We got the twin vee in and got it running pretty well averaging about 1.6 mpg on it. My contender doesnt get near the fuel mileage but in all fairness it is a big heavy boat.The surprize of the year is the dolphin are already starting to show up and its about a month early. There are a few wahoo scattered around everywhere eating bombers, xraps and illanders. The tuna have mostly been coming on live pogies and chunks for me as I havent been going out to the far floaters recently where the hardtails and bar jacks have been mostly easily catchable.The pogies work great for bait though they are a little tougher to keep alive

Mostly I have been using my torsa 40s with 60 pound leader and 6/0 circle hooks and they handle up on the fish with ease.

The farthest I went offshore in the past few weeks is to a floater about 30 miles out which is very nice and allows for more time to fish and a lighter fuel bill.

I just like having baits in the water at 730 on a day trip as its pretty nice to catch the morning bite.

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