Offshore Venice LA Fishing Report: 04-03-2012

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I fished five days straight last week and most of the days were great and different from each other. I like it like that as it means there are plenty of fish everywhere off venice right now from 10 miles out to 70 miles although the farthest I fished offshore last week was about 20 miles.I had some good days early in the stretch chunking for tuna with plenty of fish coming through the slick. The hardest day I had was with the dang amberjacks. We cauight 18 of them one day all between 35-50 pounds Just about killed my guys fighting them. I had nine yf that day as well.After three days of fishing the chunk I had a special request for wahoo and they are slimming out so it was tough. All they wanted was one wahoo since they had killed the tuna the day before. It took most of the day but we finally went 2-5 on hooters Had to fight through blackfins and barracudas to get to them though. Both fish came on rapala xraps.

On the last day I got some live pogies and took them offshore and had an absolute blast live chumming for the tuna. A lot of the fish were eating the bait within 10 feet of the boat and we had multiple quadruple headers with 2-3 on live bait at a time and 1-2 on poppers at a time. We ended up the day with 14 yf and one wahoo and also released a few yf for the heck of it.

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